Gone To Pot by Terry Hammond

Gone to Pot is a book about cannabis use and the serious consequences it has on young people developing cannabis induced psychosis. Meticulously researched, the book exposes how cannabis use amongst teenagers is soaring and how thousands of distraught parents are finding out too late that the new strains of cannabis, dominating our communities, are wrecking their children’s mental health. In London a staggering 30% of all new cases of psychosis are linked to cannabis use – in Amsterdam it’s 50%. The book tackles the issue head on with a step-by-step guide on how parents can approach the subject of dangerous substances to their preteen and teenage children. It also offers tried and tested strategies to help parents who are wrestling with a child who is using cannabis or has succumbed to cannabis induced mental illness. Gone to Pot does not set out to demonise cannabis or its uses but to provide a balanced personal, scientific and social perspective, highlighting both its therapeutic value and its harmful properties.


“This is an excellent book written by a father whose son’s life was derailed by cannabis use. Although I have looked after many people with cannabis-induced psychosis, the chapter on the young man’s decent into florid psychosis and the family’s fear and worry for him, reduced me to tears.  The book is full of useful advice about cannabis, psychosis and how to navigate the care systems“.

Sir Robin Murray, FRS

Professor of Psychiatric Research

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience

“Gone to Pot” is a very important and  powerful book both a poignant personal story of one father’s fight for the mind of his son and a powerful indictment of those who continue to downplay the toxic links between cannabis and psychosis. It is a much needed, clearly written update on the drug and  its medical and legal status world-wide , while providing families with expert practical information and advice.”

Marjorie Wallace CBE

Hon Fellow RCPsych

Founder and CEO SANE.

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Gone To Pot by Terry Hammond
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