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Educational Talks

One of DrugFAM’s core purposes is to raise awareness of the effect that someone else’s substance misuse has on families, carers, partners and the wider public as a whole. To do this we work closely with schools, prisons and local communities.

The purpose of this work is to:

  • Reduce the stigma of having a substance misuser in the family
  • Raise awareness that addiction is a family disease and can happen to anyone regardless of background, race, religion or social class
  • Encourage substance misusers to look at the impact of their actions on their families and loved ones.

We give talks in schools, prisons and the local community to raise awareness of the impact of addiction on family members.

COVID-19 has meant that these presentations have moved online for now. Please contact the DrugFAM office for details.


Supporting the families of people misusing drugs or alcohol is a specialist and often overlooked field. DrugFAM works with Rehabs, Drug Services, Social Care and other charities to enhance the skills and knowledge base of those working with families to ensure that they get the best support possible.


For many years DrugFAM has worked with head teachers and governors to run educational programmes in schools, both with children and parents. The purpose is to raise awareness amongst teenagers of the dangers of drugs and to help educate parents on the signs and what to look for. If you would like to know more or would like a meeting at your school please contact us.


DrugFAM works in the criminal justice system and has established strong relationships with many prison authorities across the country. Our interventions help raise awareness amongst prisoners of the impact of their drug-related lifestyle and behaviour on their families and on a number of occasions it has resulted in dramatic improvements to how a prisoner re-engages outside the prison system.

Armed Forces

Our team have previous experience of delivering presentations to the Armed forces across the country. Do reach out if you would be interested in  a presentation from one of our experienced team. 

Mum, Can You Lend Me Twenty Quid? What Drugs Did To My Family

Published in 2007 this book tells the story of what happened to Elizabeth and her family when her twin sons became addicted to heroin. Over 65,000 copies have been sold and it is available in five languages; English, Dutch, Polish, Danish and Czech.

For more information about the book or to purchase it please call the office on 01494 442 777 or email .

An audio version of this book has been recorded and will be available on Amazon Audible under the same title later in November 2020. An original dramatized version of the book is already available on Amazon Audible under the title ‘Inseparable’
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