How We Help

Addiction Support

Don't be on your own. Pick up the phone.

We're Here For You

DrugFAM’s primary purpose is to provide a lifeline to families, friends and partners affected by someone else’s addiction to drugs, alcohol or problem gambling, and to those who have been bereaved by substance misuse.  We aim to ensure that those who turn to us are listened to, understood and supported.  We believe passionately that no-one should struggle with the stigma from a wider society or be left in isolation, fear and ignorance of where to find support.

Active Addiction

Our aim is to help families, friends and partners find ways of coping better with their situations, so that they can start to regain control of their lives and start to focus on their own well-being.

Bereavement Support

Our specially trained team of support workers understand how difficult being bereaved in this way can be. We are here to support you through your grief.

Education & Awareness

One of DrugFAM’s core purposes is to raise awareness of the effect that someone else’s substance misuse has on families, friends and partners and the wider public as a whole.

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