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DrugFAM Founder, Elizabeth Burton Phillips MBE talks to Nigel Farage on “Talking Pints with Nigel Farage”.

Volunteer, Leo Bourne talks to ITV about his journey of recovery from  heroin addiction.

“Elizabeth receives the Special Recognition of Achievement Award at the National Lottery 25th Birthday Awards

“Transfiguration: I Fall” A dance film by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, exploring the chaos and carnage of addiction. 

“Transfiguration: I Need” In I Need, the second film in the Transfiguration trio, we follow the journey of an addict in the early days of recovery.
“Transfiguration: We Rise” We Rise, the third and final film of Transfiguration, follows Fallen Angels Dance Theatre dancers in recovery.

“Coal in their Veins” Based on true events, this film sheds light on the devastation that addiction has on those closest to the addict.

Trauma and the Brain” A short film which explores the effects of trauma on the brain.

“Webinar – That ART of Storytelling – Experiences shared change lives but telling the truth costs

DrugFAM featured on This Morning  11/10/2022

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